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Trading Panel for Metatrader 4 and 5

Trade Panel

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Trade Panel is a multifunctional trading assistant that includes more than 50 functions for trading on the Metatrader 4 and 5 terminal.

The utility will automate your trading as much as possible, make it more competent and fast, which will undoubtedly give an advantage over other market participants.

Main features of the utility:

  • Works with any trading instrument (Forex, CFD, Futures and others).
  • Allows you to switch the symbol on all charts with one click.
  • Allows you to create worklists with symbols, mark a symbol as favorites.
  • Allows you to work with all symbols from one terminal window.
  • Several methods of lot calculation. Automatically calculates the risks per trade. It can calculate risks depending on the size of the stop loss.
  • Allows you to calculate entry, stop loss and take profit levels on the chart before opening an order.
  • Allows you to set virtual stop loss and take profit.
  • Automatically sets the ratio of stop loss to take profit.
  • Allows you to set stop loss or take profit of all positions to a common level.
  • Allows you to place OCO orders (one cancels the other).
  • Allows you to close orders and positions according to the specified parameters.
  • Closes positions when the total profit or loss of the specified value is reached.
  • Allows you to set lines with tasks on the chart.
  • Allows you to flip and lock positions.
  • Has a trailing stop function.
  • Has the function of setting stop loss to the breakeven level.
  • Has the function of partial closing of positions.
  • Notifies when the specified level is reached.
  • Automatic and manual screenshot.
  • 5 interface color schemes + custom color settings.
  • Customizable panel size (4K resolution)
  • Support for 5 languages.

Panel for trading

Open Buy and Sell positions with a specified risk. Set stop loss and take profit levels at support and resistance levels.

Open position

Open pending orders.

Open order

Open orders in one click.

Open position

Close orders with one click.

Close orders

OCO orders panel

Place OCO orders (one cancels the other).

Placing OCO orders

General Close Panel

Set the size of profit and loss, upon reaching which the utility will close orders. Set take profit and stop loss of all orders to a common level.

Setting General Closing

Task Setup Panel

Place task lines on the chart.

Setting Tasks

Trailing Stop Panel

Place a trailing stop order.

Setting Trailing Stop

Breakeven Panel

Set the function to reposition the stop loss to breakeven.

Installing breakeven

Partial Close Panel

Set the function to partially close.

Installing Partial Closure

Alert Panel

Place alert lines on the chart.

Setting Alert

Order Management Panel

Manage orders.

Order management

Chart Control Panel

Switch the graph symbol with one click.

Toggle symbol

Highlight the symbol button with color or add it to your favorites.

Highlighting a symbol and saving to favorites

Customize the interface of the chart control panel to suit your needs.

Customizing the interface of the chart control panel

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